Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders

In a big old shed, at the bottom of the wild garden of an old house in Stoke, something wonderful is happening. Seven musicians have been laughing a lot, and spending a few years growing a sound which fuses the twang of Americana with the clip of an Irish jaunting car. Some call it ‘death country’, others prefer Stoke’s answer to Arcade Fire, but you need to decide for yourself.

Having already played well attended gigs at venues in Stoke, Staffordshire and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, as well as appearing on local radio stations, they are now ready for the world.

The astonishingly handsome and entirely Irish Mr. James Gregory Murray writes the songs, plays the guitar and sings. Greg has been around the local music scene for a little while, with several albums to his name released through indie labels in the US, Spain and France. Supporting the tunes are Andy Mackay on various guitars, ukes and vocals, Lauren Wood on cello, percusssion, keyboards and vocals, James Woolliscroft on keyboards, accordion and vocals, Andy Clarke on bass and vocals, Joe Austerberry on trumpet. Banging away desperately on drums is Prof Martin Parker.

These extraordinary talented people sing a Great Wall of harmonies, which makes for a sound as textured and rich as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They have a bucketful of varied original material, ranging from the bouncing two step of ‘Get into Bed’, to the mournful wail of ‘Your Side is Warm’, the heroic 'Mystery Machine', the intimate 'Lego Girl', and the jaunty ‘Never Been So Lonely’. This is music played by a big gang of friends who want you to listen, laugh, and dance.

Imagine an Irishman, sprinkled with the tears of angels, and then surround him with a cloud of musicians and singers. Marinade in a Stoke shed for a few years and you get the brand of death country that is the Seven Wonders.

Listen to the songs at the following links. If you want to get in touch, for bookings or media, just drop us a message.


Great night at the Roebuck in Leek tonight. An outdoor gig tonight seemed like absolute madness. And it ended up being just that - but in an incredible way!

Thought the accapella section with just vocals and percussion was brilliant. Talk about making the best of a situation! When is the album coming out?

I loved the end bit even better when the power went. They were true stars carrying on! What a great night !

What a cracking night of merriment and the band just gets better - it may have been cold but everyone's hearts were warm X

It was a fantastic way to spend my 62nd birthday. Great tunes and brilliant lyrics- thanks!!

Loved the impromptu unplugged - 'power out' section!!!!

Great night guys, well done on filling the outside venue on the coldest night of the year!

Brill night James Gregory Murray...loved the unplugged section!!

Amazing end to a great evening. Power tripping turned out blessing in disguise. Look how much the star guest is enjoying it.

This moved me to tears.

Of course. What a night!

This week's show featured feel good music from The Chemical Brothers, Izzy Bizzu and The Beach Boys. I was also had the chance to play some brand new music this week from James Gregory Murray my old maths teacher!

Thanks to you and the band for making my birthday so special !!

It was a fabulous finale, thoroughly enjoyed by the whole crowd and should be included in every set henceforth!!

Great night, with or without the electricity.