Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders


I watched this band last year at the Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain and was so pleased to hear that they were appearing again this year. I've just watched them play their set tonight and it was even better than last year! Brilliant band, great songs and they get the very best out of the audience - everyone up dancing and singing! Well worth checking them out if you love great music or, if you are a music promoter, getting them to play a venue or festival! (5 Stars)

Saw this band last night at my friend's garden party. They are so much fun and full of energy - wonderful! (5 Stars)

Just seen this band for the first time.. Amazing I loved them and can't wait to see them again... Thank you for a fabulous day. (5 Stars)

Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy. Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun :) thanks for a great night in the Salford Arms. (5 Stars)

Great Irish Mariachi band ( the only one in the world?) Fun feel good dance along tunes. (5 Stars)

Great energy band...and good fun. Saw them twice at this year's Acoustic Festival of Great Britain! Brilliant!!! (5 Stars)

Feel good band and Greg will get you dancing! (5 Stars)

Excellent craic! A must see band if you get the chance! - feel good band and Greg will get you dancing! (5 Stars)

These guys were just brilliant headlining The manchester Indie Music launch party!!!!! (5 Stars)

Brilliant band first time I'd seen you at Beth's party - loved it. #want to hear more (5 Stars)

Fantastic set guys looking forward to seeing you at Alsager Music Festival in July (5 Stars)

Great band. Got everyone up and having a good time. (5 Stars)



Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders
Saturday 21st October 10pm
Salford Arms free

Eight piece rock, alt, folk combo, Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders, take to the stage at the Salford Arms in a free gig next Saturday, complete with brass section and live tunes that promise a euphoric and uplifting night, as Ian Leslie reports.

Next Saturday, 21st October, The Salford Arms welcomes a live act with a difference. Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders will cram themselves onto the stage to deliver a vibrant life-affirming set. The band comprise of (as you might have guessed) an eight-strong team. They're a talented lot with a host of instruments at their disposal including accordions, trumpets, saxophones and well...you name it.

All of the above are used to their utmost to provide a rousing, boozy night of great live entertainment. Greg told the Salford Star about the acts that inspired the band's sound... "Irish bands like The Waterboys, Van Morrison, The Stunning, The Black Velvet Band, Hot House Flowers to name a few...and also more international artists like Bruce Springsteen and the E street band (more early days), Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, after spending a few years in America."

It's a heady mixture of rock, alternative and folk that creates a positive and effervescent vibe. In the vein of the traditional raucous pub act, their music is anthemic and folksy and they deliver it with full-force passion. The brass section gives a euphoric quality to their work; it's at its most evident in woozy stomps like Yeah Yeah...

Greg elaborates on the lively nature of his performance; "I think the material warrants it especially with a four piece brass section" he explains "I know I admire those live bands that put their all into their live shows, and I feel the material deserves it. It is a great thing to see the audience reacting to the music and show we put on.

"Nothing is as bad as going to see a band who put very little into their performance almost like the audience owes them their standard of living" he adds "Maybe we are just not as cool as some of these other bands...The audience can see that we are having a real blast and I think the positivity washes over everyone."

There are also lighter moments including the bittersweet You Could Have Tore My Heart Out, which has a subtle melodic touch that is reminiscent of Richard Hawley and the classic crooners. Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders are a truly unique act that never disappoint. A genuine must-see for fans of uplifting live music at its very best.

Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders
Saturday 21st October 10pm
Salford Arms
146 Chapel Street M3 6AF

For further details see the Facebook page
or the website www.gregmurray.co.uk

Words by Ian Leslie


In a big old shed, at the bottom of a garden of an old house, something wonderful is happening. A group of friends have been laughing a lot, and spending a few years growing a sound which fuses the twang of Americana with latino with 'death country' with brash and anthemic choruses soaring into the sky with the help of the most incrdeible four piece brass section. There is Springsteen, Arcade Fire, The Waterboys, Calexico, Van Morrison all with a slight Irish tinge.

Having already played sold out shows in local venues in the Midlands, and appearing at the Acoustic Festival of Britain and The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, as well as appearing on local radios stations, they are now ready for the world.

The astonishingly handsome and entirely Northern Irish Mr James Gregory Murray writes the lyrics and melodies, plays the guitar and sings. Greg has been around the local music scene in Ireland and the Midlands for a little while, with several albums and cd releases to his name, released through Indie labels in the US, Spain and France.

Supporting the tunes are Andy on various guitars, ukelele and vocals, James on keyboards, accordion and vocals, Dan on bass/electric guitar, Becky on tenor/soprano sax and keyboards, Neil on trombone, Neil on alto saxophone, Joe on trumpet and Tim banging away desperately on drums.

These extraordinary talented people sing a Great Wall of harmonies, which make for a sound as textured and rich as The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This is orginal music played by a big gang of friends who want you to listen, laugh and dance. Imagine an Irish man, sprinkled with the tears of angels, and then surround him with a cloud of musicians and singers. Marinade in a shed for a few years and you get the brand of death country that is The Seven Wonders.

Listen to the songs at the links on our website or on our social media platforms. If you want to get touch, for bookings or media, just drop us a message.

Greg - Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals
Andy - Electric Guitar/Ukelele/Vocals
Tim - Drums
James - Piano/Accordion/Vocals
Dan - Electric/Bass Guitar
Becky - Tenor/Soprano Saxophones/Piano
Neil - Trombone
Neil - Alto Saxophone
Joe - Trumpet

Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders - currently delighting audiences by bringing something different to the gunfight with our original brand of folksy tex-mex tinged graceful-indie-rock, our amazing songs, and our carnival of a show.

We’d love to bring that carnival to your venue.

Our huge band, led by the charismatic singer/songwriter James Gregory Murray, play a wide variety of song styles, including brazen barn-dances, beautiful ballads, ‘death country’, dramatic Americana, rock, reggae and folk – with added colour from an incredible brass section and accordion player! Add the fact that virtually every member of the band sings and it’s no surprise that our gigs generate a fantastic atmosphere.

We’ve been building a respectable following, which is growing with each show, and recently we’ve been lucky enough to become a firm fixture on the festival circuit and event scene across Staffordshire and Cheshire where our original music has been received with such enthusiasm.

Please take a minute to have a listen to some of our music at the links below – we might just be the thing you’ve been looking for!

If you are interested in buying/receiving a copy of 'Tymes Ten' by James Gregory Murray please get in contact via the Contact page.