About James Gregory Murray

Greg Murray was born in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northen Ireland. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and put it straight back down again in favour of the tenor sax. With regular live music sessions happening at his dad's bar and with musical aunts and uncles singing and playing Irish favourites, the sax was not the best instrument to compliment the session and so it was quickly dropped in favour of the acoustic guitar.

Greg quickly got bored of playing covers and turned to writing his own bedroom material, which was released on small indie labels in the UK, Germany, USA, France and Spain. He has played in numerous bands in Ireland and England, always writing his own original material.

After a personal loss, his song writing helped turn something the emotions in his life from a very negative into something that he could cope with and manage and control. The huge soaring positive choruses of many of Greg's songs is testiment to the spirit of positivity in his music that only The Seven Wonders can deliver to an audience who wish to open their ears and hearts. With a beautiful turn of phrase and heart warming melody, you can't help love and feel the message of positivity that is instilled in the hearts of those who listen, watch and embrace the music that welcomes you into the musical world of Greg Murray.

Work, mortgages, bills, children, life and death is added to the mix and soon the years pass, but music and it's emotions remain the same.

"Writing music has taken me to places that I never expected; from love to loss, heartache to hope, from the best feelings, to the worst. I try to be sincere and let my heart direct the tale. Characters in the songs are friends, people around me, people who come in and out of my life, sometimes I imagine myself walking in their shoes. Even in the darkest places it's the love, the light, the silver lining or gold nugget that keeps us listening and wanting things to turn out okay. I always gravitate to those Hollywood endings - well I try to most of the time. It's in believing in something that gives you the spirit to delve into what you're capable of achieving. I hope I'm doing something right. The secret of life - is having a wee bit of hope."

About Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders

Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders fuses the twang of Americana with latino with 'death country' with brash and anthemic choruses soaring into the sky with the help of rousing brass played at one hundred miles an hour. There is Springsteen, Arcade Fire, The Waterboys, Calexico, Van Morrison, all with a slight Irish tinge.

The entirely Northern Irish Mr James Gregory Murray writes the lyrics and melodies, plays the guitar and sings. He has recruited a great bunch of friends with a wonderful array of talent to join him put his songs onto the world's musical map.

This is original music played by a big gang of friends who want you to listen, laugh and dance. Imagine an Irish man, sprinkled with the tears of angels, and then surround him with a cloud of musicians, singers, and let them take you on a roller-coaster ride, from beautiful heart-torn ballads to sublime, ethereal choral choruses with full uplifting brass-infused hooks with folk-Americana influences that generates the most frantic elevating energy.

This huge band, led by the charismatic singer songwriter James Gregory Murray, play a wide variety of song styles; including brazen barn-dances, beautiful ballads, ‘death country’, dramatic Americana, folksy tex-mex tinged graceful-indie-rock, reggae-folk with added colour from an unbelievably rousing brass section and accordion player! Add the fact that virtually every member of the band sings and it’s no surprise that their shows create a fantastic atmosphere.

They bring something different to the gunfight with a totally original brand of sincere, positive, heart-warming, life-affirming, heart-felt, majestically huge blend of music - making an incredible carnival of a show.


Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders (although there were actually eight of them), in complete contrast, were a warm dusting of folk bliss. Their collection of original tracks are the perfect soundtrack to a summers day and the Lymelight crowds couldn’t help but adore the Irish frontman. The band filled out across the stage, as did their very full and well-rehearsed sound, which spread outwards from the audience in a mist of colour and vibrancy. ‘I’ve Never Been So Lonely’ and ‘I Wish I Was In Love With You’, with their hooky choruses and upbeat rhythms, as well as ‘Mystery Machine’ complete with hand actions from the audience, created a wonderful on-stage atmosphere that could be felt all around the stage. Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders may have nearly caused a heart attack for the festival organiser, thanks to their ever-growing lineup of musicians, but they were truly magical and “wonder”-ful to observe.

Hey Greg. I was buzzing last night, such a great atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed your set. Anytime you want support, or a ukulele player, give me a shout, love your music! I was singing the tunes until about 3 o clock this morning! X

You were the best act at The Acoustic Festival of Britain!! Great music and great fun! Get a manager! Tell organisers you’ve had lots of people wanting to see you there again.
Hoping you’ll have a cd soon!

I’m going to email the organisers and DEMAND that they have you back - and on the Saturday night main stage! Will also get friends to do the same.

You were all cooking on gas last night. It was electrifying as ever! With some nice little keyboard flourishes I heard in there. V. Nice. Leo Moore is fully converted, he's even coined a new phrase, "I've been Murrayed".
Haha lovely.

Had a great afternoon at Lichfield Fuse Festival and was blown away by Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders who we had the fortune of watching. Instant catchy tunes from a charismatic Irish vocalist. It's hard to pigeon hole this hybrid country folk filth and it's worth catching them live if they are round your way. #livemisic #fusefestival Excuse the cut off on the video but I wanted to dance 🙃🎶🎤🎸

Absolute joy watching these guys at Lymelight Festival 2018 yesterday! Must see them again - Looking out for gigs I’m free for haha xxx

What a fantastic band and charismatic lead singer! Saw this act at Staffs Fest 2018, brilliant original songs and awesome line up. Very professional, the band are tight, and they will get you up on your feet dancing! Hope to see you again soon!! Great music for all ages.

Check these guys out, Sunday evening, 8.30 main stage at the Acoustic Festival in Uttoxeter, one of the best bands you'll see at the festival.

What a fantastic band to finish off on the main stage! Totally got the crowd going and spread happiness and fun! ❤️

Great band. Got everyone up and having a good time. X

Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy. Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun :) thanks for a great night in the salford arms! XX

Top set at Lichfield Fuse Festival 2018. Instant catchy tunes and a front man in Greg that draws you into their music with his wit and charismatic Irish charm and classy vocals to boot. Hope to see you live again soon. Where can I get your music? — feeling entertained.

James Gregory Murray you and the band got loads of people up dancing and left an amazingly positive vibe as per usual! Amazing! xx

What can I say, brilliant set from Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders although there were definitely more than 7 tonight, cracker, loved every minute of it as did the rest of the audience 😁 James Gregory Murray top night matey, hope you have cooled off now 😉

What a great closing set of the festival it was!! Looking forward to partying again at OSFEST 😁💃😁

After having a difficult time your music did what I needed, dragged me back from a dark place, that will stay with me forever, cheers matey!

Had a brilliant time, thank you for the fantastic music xxx

Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders nothing more to say, excellent, talented crowd pleasers, what more can you ask for at a festival? Top job Mr James Gregory Murray, hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Brilliant set! A perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Loving it Greg!

Take 2 steps forward... simple, but genius lol

These were brilliant! Absolute best band of the festival by a long shot!

These were my favourites 😍

Fantastic set...joyous!

Thank you Greg...You and the band are absolutely brilliant.

Greg it was a pleasure to meet you and I loved the band...Fantastic set of musicians and people. One of the most poignant moments of the whole day was your tribute to the two homeless guys...It was very emotional. It was great fun. We will definitely be doing it next year and I would love for you to be on the bill. You are an amazing guy with a big heart....Thanks so much from all of us X

Really enjoyed this gig x quality music xx

Absolute joy watching these guys at Lymelight Festival yesterday! Must see them again!

You are very welcome James Gregory Murray - great set by your fabulous band!

It was a pleasure having you with us Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders! Great set and fantastic getting the youngsters up! Thanks and hope to see you again soon!

And what a great closing set of the festival it was!! Looking forward to partying again at OSFEST 😁💃😁

It was a brilliant finish to a brilliant festival weekend.

Just seen this band for the first time.. Amazing I loved them and can't wait to see them again... Thank you for a fabulous day. X

Hey James Gregory Murray, this is me in the black hat and cream jacket hugging a guy we met from South were fab as always, just sad i didn’t get to nick your wine this year! 👍🏽😜

This band was awesome xx and even got a mention thank you James Gregory Murray

I am even worse since you posted this, wandering around directing students to their GCSE exam singing 'Holy shit I made a mess of it' not what they want to hear really! 😈🤔

xxx quality music by the way xxx loved it beaut!

I keep getting an ear worm from your, ber bar, bap bap bar... Great set !

Just watched Greg Murray & the sensational seven - woah what a band, trumpet, trombone sax, keyboards, bass n lead guitars, drums n vocals, the place was rocking, audience participation was compulsary, feel sorry for next band on they've a hard act to follow.

Best band at the acoustic festival of britain! So much energy and fun. A fantastic headline end to the weekend.

What better way to finish the evening on the main stage than have Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders on! Absolutely brilliant!
Great performance by James Gregory Murray & his band! Really must see these guys again!

Cracking pic, I never remember to get my phone out, too busy dancing.

I watched this band last year at the Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain and was so pleased to hear that they were appearing again this year. I've just watched them play their set tonight and it was even better than last year! Brilliant band, great songs and they get the very best out of the audience - everyone up dancing and singing! Well worth checking them out if you love great music or, if you are a music promoter, getting them to play a venue or festival!

Saw this band last night at my friend's garden party. They are so much fun and full of energy - wonderful!

Just seen this band for the first time.. Amazing I loved them and can't wait to see them again... Thank you for a fabulous day.

Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy. Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun :) thanks for a great night in the Salford Arms.

Great Irish Mariachi band ( the only one in the world?) Fun feel good dance along tunes.

Great energetic band...and good fun. Saw them twice at this year's Acoustic Festival of Great Britain! Brilliant!!! Best act of the weekend.

Feel good band and Greg will get you dancing!

Excellent craic! A must see band if you get the chance!

I watched you at The Fuse Festival - you were awesome!!

I recently connected with James through Facebook, as I have been focusing on discovering some of the many awesome makers on Facebook, lovely guy, and I really enjoyed listening to his music. Check it out here.

Learn more about James, be inspired and support his talent here

Thanks for reading and thanks to Greg for his lovely music, Sam.