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GM7W fuses the twang of Americana with brash and anthemic choruses that soar into the sky with life-affirming spiritual positivity.

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Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders fuses the twang of Americana, with latino, with 'death country', with brash and anthemic choruses, soaring into the sky. With the help of rousing guitars, keys and brass, you are taken on a roller-coaster ride, from beautiful heart-torn ballads, to sublime ethereal harmony laden, majestic choruses filled with life affirming spiritual positivity.

The entirely Northern Irish Mr James Gregory Murray writes the lyrics and melodies, plays the guitar and sings. He has recruited a great bunch of close friends with a wonderful array of talent to join him put his songs onto the world's musical map.

This is original music played by a big gang of friends who want you to listen, get involved and feel the emotion that is put into each and every song.


Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders deliver third uplifting single of 2024 'Trust Me With Your Life'
Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

The ever prolific Greg Murray is back again, and once more shows his ability to write a perfectly formed up-tempo track. 'Trust Me With Your Life' is a life affirming brass infused crowd chanting chorus of a song with meaningful lyrics and heart; as Greg puts it “an attempt to give a nod to the injustices in life but trying to keep things optimistic” as demonstrated in the opening verse “And someone is to blame for what we’ve done, the promises keep coming till we’ve won”.

As we have now come to expect with a Murray song the brass is very prevalent, this time it kicks off the song in style, very much setting the uplifting feel of the song.

During the verse there is a really interesting ukulele break puncturing each line, this is quite unusual but works really well, and I absolutely adore the half tempo pre-chorus with its subtle piano and guitar line under the lyric “Holy shit I’ve made a mess of it I’ve torn out your heart and let it sit” before delivering the upbeat, danceable course.

One of the things I really like about Greg Murray and his band is that they write songs in a quite unconventional manner that most artists avoid nowadays, a good example of this is the song, finishing with almost a minute of instrumental, this must work really well in a live environment and it’s just really nice to hear on the studio recording showing the band are not compromising on their songs just to fit in with a Spotify trend.

I’m sure by the time this review is published, Greg and co will already be preparing for the next release. (Just checked, yep – 'Who Would Have Thought Of Sending Flowers' will be out on Friday 26th April). It’s going to be interesting to see by the end of the year all of the songs collected together in what would be a really strong album. In the meantime, do all you can to catch Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders live for this is where they will truly shine.

Listen to Trust Me With Your Life, released March 15 with Words & Music by James Gregory Murray


Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders mature pop perfection - 'Always For Love'
Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

The prolific Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders are back with yet another song, following the five singles from last year and a planned single-a-month for 2024.
Does this plan lead to a drop in quality? Especially after last year’s superb 'Wish I Was In Love With You' and 'The Pain & Glory'? Of course not!
'Always For Love' is another slice of perfected mature pop. Previously I have compared the band to Crowded House and They Might Be Giants, and that is to say they fall into that ilk of 90s artists who put out great commercial songs that were successful without having to compromise the sound they wanted.

'Always for Love' starts out with a lovely rumbling piano before tumbling straight into upbeat cacophony of music and instruments that have now become synonymous with the Greg Murray sound. Stabbing Memphis horns pierce the sound over a pumping drum and bass and it’s one of those songs that you are so familiar with by the end that you are either singing, dancing or both – and that is a talent that Greg & co have perfected.

The surprise twist comes at the end when Shimmer Johnson – a female singer songwriter based in Edmonton Canada – joins the party with her belting soulful voice and the song takes on a more gospel sound to it. It’s a great inclusion to the song and closes the track well. Shimmer Johnson has had successes in her own right collaborating with some big songwriters and her husband Corey is a music producer and is responsible for all the production of Greg’s songs for the last couple of years in his Canadian based studio.

Listeners can expect a year full of new Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders material and if the quality remains this high, it can only be a good thing. I personally look forward to catching some rip-roaring live shows this summer, I’ll get my dancing shoes on.

Released February 9, listen to 'Always For Love' with Words & Music by James Gregory Murray


Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders have us feeling festive with new Christmas single.

Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, Say Something Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

What’s the point of a Christmas Song? Growing up in the late 70s early 80s Christmas songs were a staple part of the year, who was going to take the coveted number one spot knowing their song would be immortalised forever, to be dragged out and inflicted on a Christmas shoppers for far too many weeks. But let’s be honest we loved them! Even now hearing Slade’s anthem can still bring you warm memories of happy simpler times when having the latest Han Solo figure meant the world. 

And then it all changed. 

The X factor stepped in and ensured that the festive feel of the Christmas number one was gone, yes Simon Cowell was in fact the Grinch, and now Spotify wrapped tries to fill that hole that Christmas songs used to fill. 

So it’s with a pleasant surprise that Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders deliver their second single in as many weeks. Hot on the tails of the superb double release Wish I Was In Love With You and The Pain & Glory comes the festive Only At Christmas…The Bells Ring On. The song has everything you would expect and want from a Christmas single, from the second the song begins those sleigh bells are ringing. As with the latest releases the song feels instantly recognisable, it has a steady rhythm that doesn’t give up and only builds as the song progresses. Throughout the song there are simple but effective horns, lovely vocal harmonies and backing vocals, none more effective than in the ear worm of a chorus. All the things that come to mind when you hear a Christmas song are there – you can imagine school children singing it on the last day of term’s extended assembly, or it being the closing happy moment of a Christmas film.

So the point of a Christmas song? It’s to take you away just for a fleeting moment from the horrors of the world and cement happy memories of family, friends, eating too much, the double issue of the radio times, proper snow, circling toys in the catalogue and hoping that you might just get that Han Solo figure. 

Hats off to Greg and his talented band for delivering this well crafted Christmas song and gifting a little bit of happiness. Let the Bells Ring On! 

Bethan, founder of The Leopheard added: “Ah well it truly does feel like Christmas now that Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders have graced us with a jingle bell, holiday infused festive feast for the ears. Whether you’re a Buddy the Elf or an Ebenezer Scrooge, there’s no doubt this heartwarming record will be the perfect soundtrack for putting up the Christmas tree and enjoying a mulled wine. With its bags of brass, bells and harmonies, this seasonal single is sure to but a smile on your face and spread some holiday cheer, which is often all that’s needed this time of year.”
Reads the article here:


Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders’ latest dual-release sees band ‘at its peak’ - Guest review by Captain’s Bar events manager, 'Say Something' Music label owner and promoter Scott Evans

Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders are a special part of the Stoke-on-Trent music scene – there really are no other bands like them. Their music is often uplifting whilst at the same time, deliver lyrics that are heartfelt and heartbreaking in equal measure. Their latest double release encapsulates that juxtaposition perfectly.

"Wish I Was In Love With You" and "The Pain & Glory" are two very well crafted songs showing two very different sides of the band.

At their heart, Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders has an Americana sound, but there are many different elements embedded within that, that they shouldn’t be pigeon holed as such. There are parts of the sound which remind me of They Might Be Giants, Prefab Sprout and Crowded House, all of which also had that ability to deliver big anthemic chorus songs whilst delivering an emotional punch.

"Wish I Was In Love With You" is an uptempo song with instantly catchy melodies, and similar to the aforementioned Crowded House, the band have a way of making a song feel so familiar to you that you are singing along by the end of the chorus. The production is wonderful allowing each element of the band to shine through. By the second verse the combination of plucked guitar, strummed guitar, brass stab and electric guitar chord are so perfectly intertwined, it’s a really clever arrangement. The chorus brings it all together perfectly, uplifting and joyous. I would imagine it will be a very popular live song. There is no doubt this is the sound of a band working together really well.

Meanwhile, "The Pain & Glory" is a stark contrast, being very much a ballad. There is so much going on musically – acoustic led with a gorgeous lap steel guitar layered throughout. A beautiful string accompaniment ushers in the chorus and then lyrically this is where Greg grabs you by the heart strings with “The beautiful thing about love is…”

This is such a heartfelt track which Greg wrote for his wife following a personal loss. Although musically very different from its accompanying song it does again show how good the writing and musicianship is within the band.

"The Pain & Glory"/"Wish I Was In Love With You" is a double single released by a band at their peak. The songwriting is of a really high standard worthy of a big audience. I look forward to what the band may have in store for 2024

Read the review here:

OCTOBER 18, 2023 "MYSTERY MACHINE" SINGLE REVIEW - Review by Bethan Shufflebotham

Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders deliver life-affirming new single "Mystery Machine"

Despite its namesake, the latest single from Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders – Mystery Machine – has nothing to do with the iconic van in the Scooby Doo cartoon, but instead is one from the band’s extensive back catalogue and a longstanding live show ‘sign off’ that has finally been released as a record.

“I always firmly believed that it should have been our first single,” said Greg – the frontman of this wonderfully cheerful band that defies genre. “The reason, not possibly, being that some people just don’t get us,” he added.

Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders are a spectacle to behold, like the Great Wall of China or Petra. The eight-piece Irish/Americana indie rock supergroup fuses the twang of Americana, with latino, with ‘death country’, with brash and anthemic choruses, all played at 100 miles an hour with more enthusiasm than an eight-year-old at Alton Towers.

“We’re the band with guitar riffs, keys riffs, brass riffs, harmonica, squeezebox, harmonies, all thrown into the mix on many songs with aplomb. I try to reflect the positivity of the lyrics with the positivity of the musicality and seldom hold back,” Greg continues.

Mystery Machine does anything but hold back, and feels like the perfect track to sum up everything that Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders is about. The track bursts to life with a vibrant arrangement before it’s met with Greg’s charming vocals and vivacious energy as he describes the ups and downs of human existence in the most life-affirming way.

“I love a good out-of-focus, cryptic lyric/title, which comes clear when you take the listener through the journey of what’s going on in the songwriters’ head,” Greg tells The Leopheard. “So to put you out of your misery of just wondering what or who the ‘Mystery Machine’ is; let me tell you – we all have one and how we use it is up to us…it’s our heart – not the physical muscle that we all have, pumping blood around our bodies, but the mysterious machine that influences and motivates us to feel, love and express ourselves every moment of every day.”

A lyrical rollercoaster, listeners strap in as Greg describes the habit of getting caught up in life’s daily grind and how we can often forget to live for the day or to stop and smell the roses. There are moments of ultimate pessimism in the pre-chorus, but this is simply to provide the momentum required to reach the soaring heights of the chorus which vibrates with optimism lyrically, vocally and musically, mirroring the ups and downs of life itself.

The instrumentation is a carnival, boasting guitar riffs, keys and brass, in the band’s usual brash and optimistic grandeur, continuing to evade categorisation with a sound that is distinctive and unique to the band.

Heartwarming and sincere life advice delivered at breakneck pace, Mystery Machine is yet another track that makes you want to laugh, dance and sing. Emerging as a beacon of positivity, it’s the sonic equivalent of the latin phrase Carpe Diem, with Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders delivering its message to anyone who is willing to hear it. It’s a song that advocates for faith, hope and love, serving as an encouragement to take risks and never live in regret, reminding us that ‘the good outweighs the bad, most of the time’.

“Go on, take that chance, for you never know when anything like it will ever come along again,” – James Gregory Murray.

Listen to Mystery Machine here on Spotify NOW and read the article here:

Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders stuns Artisan Tap - Review by Bethan Shufflebotham 2nd March 2023

I love an unconventional gig, and what’s more non-conformist than a pub decorated with dismembered dolls, a spoken word poet and an eight-piece Irish/Americana indie rock supergroup?

On Thursday evening, I headed back to Artisan Tap following a stellar Camp Stag gig a few weeks back, to catch James Gregory Murray & The Seven Wonders, otherwise known as Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders, or GM7W – and it was wonder they promised, and wonder they certainly delivered.

Onto the stage squeezed no fewer than eight musicians and their instruments as Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders settled into their foot-square spots for the night. It had been a tight fit for five-piece Camp Stag just two weeks earlier, and it was no easy task for GM7W, either, complete with two sets of keys, four guitars, trumpet, drums and space for amps, pedals and additional instruments like accordion and some rather unusual recorder-looking apparatus, harmonica and tambourines – everything but the kitchen sink, really.

Born in Northern Ireland but settled in Stoke-on-Trent, Greg Murray picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and put it straight back down again, but growing up around live music sessions in his dad’s bar listening to his family singing and playing Irish favourites, it was no surprise that he soon picked up the string instrument once more.

Greg’s discography spans some 20 years now, and over the years he has recruited a fantastic band of friends, which he leads with charisma and Northern Irish charm.

It’s the band’s first time playing The Artisan Tap, though you’d never have thought it. They looked comfortable on the comically small stage as they held inside jokes with friends and family in the audience, a string of fairy lights illuminating the vocalist’s face.

They kicked off the night with Love As If, followed by Pretend They Love You and If You Love Me Let Me Know. If we were in a pub quiz, one might ask what links these tracks, but it’s obvious. It was felt all around that cosy, quirky pub.

After a personal loss, Greg channelled the negative emotions in his life into something that he could manage and cope with, which is so beautifully reflected in their music, their lyrics filled with faith, and melodies of positivity. It almost felt biblical at times, the congregation having gathered to share in this wondrous experience.

Greg has a simply stunning way with words, brought to life by the menagerie of musicians beside him, influenced by a number of genres from Americana and latino, to alternative indie rock, but each and every one of them has this Irish twang that makes it feel like a jig, and it’s impossible not to tap your toes to. From ballads to barn-dances, ‘death country’ to reggae folk, it’d be redundant to say that they’re the best at what they do, because I’m not sure anyone else does it.

The set continued in fairly fast succession, Show and Tell, Edge and Lay Your Head Down making way for World Stealer and May God Grant Him. Huge soaring positive choruses are a signature of GM7W, the symphony of instruments not far from an orchestra filling the room with optimism and hope. Greg has oft been known to say: “The secret of life – is having a wee bit of hope.”

At some point during the 23-track setlist – yes 23 – a number of tambourines were passed into the audience, which were enthusiastically shaken, tapped and shimmied for the remainder of the two-hour set.

I’ve been to a number of gigs where you might find yourself watching the clock wondering when that final track may come after only 45 minutes, but at Artisan Tap, the energy was just something else, and as I looked around the room and the music lovers fully immersed in the music, hearts well and truly full, I realised that I was witness to something incredibly special.

People laughed, listened and danced to uplifting heart-warming melodies and life-affirming lyrics as glasses steamed up and beers were sunk, you really can’t help but feel the message of love and light that radiates from the soundwaves they produce.

Earnest and emotional, heartfelt and awe-inspiring, Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders fostered an other-worldly warm glow of an atmosphere at Artisan Tap. If I didn’t know before, I know how they got their name now.

Don’t miss the chance to catch Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders in Staffordshire this year, with six upcoming shows planned for 2023.

About James Gregory Murray

James Gregory Murray was born in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northen Ireland. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and put it straight back down again, in favour of the tenor sax. With regular live music sessions happening at his dad's bar and with musical aunts and uncles singing and playing Irish favourites; the sax was not the best instrument to compliment the session, and so it was quickly dropped in favour of the acoustic guitar.

Greg quickly got bored of playing covers and turned to writing his own bedroom material, which was released on small indie labels in the UK, Germany, USA, France and Spain. He has played in numerous bands in Ireland and England, always writing his own original material.

After a personal loss, his song writing helped turn the negative emotions in his life into something that he could manage and cope with. The huge soaring positive choruses of many of Greg's songs is testament to the spirit of positivity in his music that only his band of friends; The Seven Wonders can deliver, to an audience who wish to open their ears and hearts. With a beautiful turn of phrase and heart warming melodies, you can't help love and feel the message of positivity that is instilled in the hearts of those who listen, watch and embrace the music that welcomes you into the musical world of James Gregory Murray.

Work, mortgages, bills, children, life and death is added to the mix, and soon the years pass, but music and it's emotions remain the same.

"Writing music has taken me to places that I never expected; from love to loss, heartache to hope, from the best feelings, to the worst. I try to be sincere and let my heart direct the tale. Characters in the songs are friends, people around me, people who come in and out of my life, sometimes I imagine myself walking in their shoes. Even in the darkest places, it's the love, the light, the silver lining or gold nugget that keeps us listening and wanting things to turn out okay. I always gravitate to those Hollywood endings - well I try to most of the time. It's in believing in something that gives you the spirit to delve into what you're capable of achieving. I hope I'm doing something right. The secret of life - is having a wee bit of hope."

About Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders

Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders fuses the twang of Americana, with latino, with 'death country', with brash and anthemic choruses, soaring into the sky, with the help of rousing brass, played at one hundred miles per hour. There is Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Arcade Fire, The Waterboys, Calexico, Van Morrison, all with a slight Irish tinge.

The entirely Northern Irish Mr James Gregory Murray writes the lyrics and melodies, plays the guitar and sings. He has recruited a great bunch of friends with a wonderful array of talent to join him put his songs onto the world's musical map.

This is original music played by a big gang of friends who want you to listen, laugh and dance. Imagine an Irish man, sprinkled with the tears of angels, and then surround him with a cloud of musicians and singers and let them take you on a roller-coaster ride, from beautiful heart-torn ballads to sublime, ethereal choral choruses with full blast uplifting riff/brass-infused hooks with folk-Americana influences, that generates the most frantic elevating energy.

This incredible band, led by the charismatic singer songwriter James Gregory Murray, play a wide variety of song styles; including brazen barn-dances, beautiful ballads, ‘death country’, dramatic Americana, folksy 'tex-mex' tinged graceful-indie-rock, reggae-folk with added colour from an unbelievably rousing brass section and accordion player! Add the fact that virtually every member of the band sings and it’s no surprise that their shows create a fantastic atmosphere.

They bring something different to the gunfight with a totally original brand of sincere, positive, heart-warming, life-affirming, heart-felt, hugely majestic, blend of music - making an incredible carnival of a live show.


"Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. Never heard of Greg and the band before (sorry!) but took a chance on a night out at the Artisan Tap on Thursday! Best decision I've made all year! What an amazing night of wonderful musicianship, beautiful songs and great camaraderie between Greg and the fab audience ! I can't stop telling everyone I know to get to the next gig. And great sound from Wayne. He even let me have a go at working the lights ! . . . . sorry band ! Thanks again Greg and The Seven Wonders for the best night ever!"

"Last night, the James Gregory Murray & The Seven Wonders gig was just what we needed!

Amazing as usual, thank you Artisan Tap for having them on!"

"James Gregory Murray & The Seven Wonders were absolutely top notch - what a voice!!! Nick Degg Poet

"It was my pleasure to play what I have decided is the catchiest song of 2021 so far. It sticks in my head all day whenever I play it! I will be playing it again w/c 7th June on the Radio Caroline early breakfast show. Radio Caroline is always proud to support up and coming bands like yours. It's a terrific unique track that deserves airplay! One of the catchiest songs I have heard all year, and you deserve success. Thanks for getting in touch with the legendary Radio Caroline, Europe's first album station."
Terry Hughes - Radio Caroline 6.00am Early Breakfast Show

"Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders (although there were actually eight of them), in complete contrast, were a warm dusting of folk bliss. Their collection of original tracks are the perfect soundtrack to a summers day and the Lymelight crowds couldn’t help but adore the Irish frontman. The band filled out across the stage, as did their very full and well-rehearsed sound, which spread outwards from the audience in a mist of colour and vibrancy. ‘I’ve Never Been So Lonely’ and ‘I Wish I Was In Love With You’, with their hooky choruses and upbeat rhythms, as well as ‘Mystery Machine’ complete with hand actions from the audience, created a wonderful on-stage atmosphere that could be felt all around the stage. Greg Murray and The Seven Wonders may have nearly caused a heart attack for the festival organiser, thanks to their ever-growing lineup of musicians, but they were truly magical and “wonder”-ful to observe."

"Hey Greg. I was buzzing last night, such a great atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed your set. Anytime you want support, or a ukulele player, give me a shout, love your music! I was singing the tunes until about 3 o clock this morning! X"

"You were the best act at The Acoustic Festival of Britain!! Great music and great fun! Get a manager! Tell organisers you’ve had lots of people wanting to see you there again.
Hoping you’ll have a cd soon!"

"I’m going to email the organisers and DEMAND that they have you back - and on the Saturday night main stage! Will also get friends to do the same."

"You were all cooking on gas last night. It was electrifying as ever! With some nice little keyboard flourishes I heard in there. V. Nice. Leo Moore is fully converted, he's even coined a new phrase, "I've been Murrayed". Haha lovely."

"Had a great afternoon at Lichfield Fuse Festival and was blown away by Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders who we had the fortune of watching. Instant catchy tunes from a charismatic Irish vocalist. It's hard to pigeon hole this hybrid country folk filth and it's worth catching them live if they are round your way. #livemisic #fusefestival Excuse the cut off on the video but I wanted to dance."
"Absolute joy watching these guys at Lymelight Festival 2018 yesterday! Must see them again - Looking out for gigs I’m free for haha xxx"

"What a fantastic band and charismatic lead singer! Saw this act at Staffs Fest 2018, brilliant original songs and awesome line up. Very professional, the band are tight, and they will get you up on your feet dancing! Hope to see you again soon!! Great music for all ages."

"Check these guys out, Sunday evening, 8.30 main stage at the Acoustic Festival in Uttoxeter, one of the best bands you'll see at the festival."

"What a fantastic band to finish off on the main stage! Totally got the crowd going and spread happiness and fun! ❤"

"Great band. Got everyone up and having a good time. X"

"Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy. Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun :) thanks for a great night in the salford arms! XX"

"Top set at Lichfield Fuse Festival 2018. Instant catchy tunes and a front man in Greg that draws you into their music with his wit and charismatic Irish charm and classy vocals to boot. Hope to see you live again soon. Where can I get your music? — feeling entertained."

"James Gregory Murray you and the band got loads of people up dancing and left an amazingly positive vibe as per usual! Amazing! xx"

"What can I say, brilliant set from Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders although there were definitely more than 7 tonight (more like 14 Wonders!), cracker, loved every minute of it as did the rest of the audience. James Gregory Murray top night matey, hope you have cooled off now."

"What a great closing set of the festival it was!! Looking forward to partying again with you at OSFEST."💃😁

"After having a difficult time your music did what I needed, dragged me back from a dark place, that will stay with me forever, cheers matey!"

"Had a brilliant time, thank you for the fantastic music xxx"

"Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders nothing more to say, excellent, talented crowd pleasers, what more can you ask for at a festival? Top job Mr James Gregory Murray, hope to see you again in the not too distant future."

"Brilliant set! A perfect end to a perfect weekend! Loved it Greg!"

"Take 2 steps forward... simple, but genius lol"

"These were brilliant! Absolute best band of the festival by a long shot!"

"These were my favourites - nobody came close at the festival!"

"Fantastic set...just joyous!"

"Thank you Greg...You and the band are absolutely brilliant. Wasn't feeling myself but after your first chord I was hooked with your positivity and life affirming uplifting music - such spirit I wish someone could bottle it."

"Greg it was a pleasure to meet you and I loved the band...Fantastic set of musicians and people. One of the most poignant moments of the whole day was your tribute to the two homeless guys...It was very emotional. It was great fun. We will definitely be doing it next year and I would love for you to be on the bill. You are an amazing guy with a big heart....Thanks so much from all of us X"

"Really enjoyed this gig x quality music xx"

"Absolute joy watching these guys at Lymelight Festival yesterday! Must see them again!"

"Gregory Murray - great set by your fabulously spirited band!"

"It was a pleasure having you with us Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders! Great set and fantastic getting the youngsters and crowd up on stage with you! Thanks and hope to see you again soon!"
"It was a brilliant finish to a brilliant festival better band to lift the spirits than GM7Ws."

"Just seen this band for the first time...Amazing I loved them and can't wait to see them again... Thank you for a fabulous day. Such a positive upbeat message of optimism. X"

"Hey James Gregory Murray, this is me in the black hat and cream jacket hugging a guy we met from South were fab as always, just sad i didn’t get to nick your wine this year! 👍🏽😜
This band was awesome xx and even got a mention thank you James Gregory Murray!"

"I am even worse since you posted this, wandering around directing students to their GCSE exam singing 'Holy shit I made a mess of it', not what they want to hear really! "😈🤔

"xxx quality music by the way xxx loved it beaut!"

"I keep getting an ear worm from your, ber bar, bap bap bar... Great set !"

"Just watched Greg Murray & the sensational Seven - woah what a band, trumpet, trombone, sax, keyboards, bass n lead guitars, drums n vocals, the place was rocking, audience participation was compulsary, feel sorry for next band on they're a hard act to follow."

"Best band at the acoustic festival of britain! So much positive energy and fun. A fantastic headline end to the weekend. Doesn't get any better and I've been to Glastonbury!"

"What better way to finish the evening on the main stage than have Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders on! Absolutely brilliant!"

"Great performance by James Gregory Murray & his band! Really must see these guys again!"

"Cracking pic, I never remember to get my phone out, too busy dancing."

"I watched this band last year at the Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain and was so pleased to hear that they were appearing again this year. I've just watched them play their set tonight and it was even better than last year! Brilliant band, great songs and they get the very best out of the audience - everyone up dancing and singing! Well worth checking them out if you love great music or, if you are a music promoter, getting them to play a venue or festival!"

"Saw this band last night at my friend's garden party. They are so much fun and full of energy - wonderful!"

"Just seen this band for the first time. Amazing I loved them and can't wait to see them again... Thank you for a fabulous day."

"Greg is an amazing singer and the whole band are crazy talented with a great energy. Lovely upbeat tunes and loads of fun :) thanks for a great night in the Salford Arms."

"Great Irish Mariachi band (the only one in the world?). Fun feel good dance along tunes."

"Great energetic band...and good fun. Saw them twice at this year's Acoustic Festival of Great Britain! Brilliant!!! Best act of the weekend by far!"

"Feel good band and Greg will get you dancing!"

"Seen these guys a couple of times. Blew me away at Carsafest Festival a couple of years ago. If you need cheering up, this should do it!"

"Excellent craic! A must see band if you get the chance!"

"I watched you at The Fuse Festival - you were awesome!!"

"I recently connected with James through Facebook, as I have been focusing on discovering some of the many awesome music makers on Facebook, lovely guy, and I really enjoyed listening to his music. You must check it out."

"Learn more about James, be inspired and support his talent here"

"Thanks for reading and thanks to Greg for his lovely music." Sam.

"My good friend James Gregory Murray and his wonderful Seven Wonders has released their superb new single. Take a listen, you'll love it!"

"Have a listen to this....New single from James Gregory Murray and Andy Mackay... I really like it"

"James Gregory Murray Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders have a fab new video and a great feel good tune, give it a listen and a little jig around the room 🙂 and (depending on your screen size, you may need to squint) the fabulous Teresa Pattison 3rd down from the top on the right hand side tapping away."

"Here’s the fabulous James Gregory Murray x"

"Wonderful new tune released by Greg James Gregory Murray & The Seven Wonders. Have a listen."

"Great song from a talented friend of mine, James Gregory Murray. Love the brass. Enjoy x"

"So, I'm kindly asking y'all to get this into your ear holes. Gregory Murray and the Seven Wonders.
New single, Bought a Ring. Somehow, waayyy back in the day I found (not that he was lost) this incredible musician songwriter and fell head over heels for his sound and this now very old song Corduroy Boy. I even helped him rewrite his bio, which I forgot about, but he was kind enough to remember. So, flash forward, present day, and he's got a single with a label OUT NOW!!!! ❤️🌟🎸🌟❤️ And it's getting some airplay in UK and Ireland. So, LISTEN, BUY, CALL your local radio stations and request it. A lot of hard work, gigging, never giving up and doing what you love and we're meant to do went into getting here. So Cheers to you kiddo! And all y'all need to listen to this. PSA OVER, and THANK YOU! ❤️. (UMMM, Fiachna Late Date??? What do ya think? Oh, go on, go on, go on, you've got the power!❤️)"

"About time they got their single out - love these guys xx"

"Wonderful Greg! A great way to end the term- thank you. Wishing you and your family a great summer break."

"I so love this song and the video just makes me smile so big. Well done kiddo"

"I worked with James Gregory Murray many moons ago. Very happy to share his new single."

"Happy Sunday! Have a look at this lovely little uplifting song/video written by James Gregory Murray filming my little bit for this was my start of lockdown fun!"

"Fantastic - share everyone!"

"Fabulous new song by James Gregory Murray and the Seven Wonders!"

"Awesome song James Gregory Murray, really uplifting to see so many people came together for the video in such a time of social isolation."

"Have a listen to this great song by a really great band! All the band ever want to do is to help everyone have a great time and make you smile and this song does too!! Keep em coming James Gregory Murray!"

“No man is a failure who has friends.” It’s a Wonderful Life 1946."

"Cracking song, Greg! Wish you every success with it, richly deserved. Love the video too!"

"Love it Greg! So so catchy!! X"

"Can you spot my epic moves?
Love this James Gregory Murray

"Brilliant idea and great music!"

"It sounds amazing!!"

"We're all stars now!!"

"Haha! Love it Greg!!"

"Fantastic well done to you x"

"Crikey Greg, this is blimmin!. You should do more of this music malarkey."

"So joyful! ❤"
"Fabulous !!!"

"Greg this is a tune!!!!!!!"

"Just watched the video, it’s brilliant!! Thank you for letting me and Karen Bromley be a part of it!😁xx"

"Brilliant song, Greg !!"

"Amazing!! Well done!! What an incredible song!!! Soooooo up-lifting!! X"

"A fantastic song! Looking forward to seeing the video."

"Congratulations!! Nothing less than you deserve and really happy for you xxx"

"Congratulations everyone. Well done!"

"Fantastic Greg, well done - amazing tune - whistling it all day!! X"

"Brilliant, well done all - can't get it out of my head!"

"Amazing song!! Well done - I keep singing it!!!"

"Class song well done!! X"

"Well done to you all - superb song!! X"

"That’s one brilliant song!"




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